Steel Guitar String Gauges
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GHS Pedal Guitar Tunings E9 & C6
Recommended String Gauges For 24 Inch Scale

Electro Hawaiian Lap Steel Strings: .015p, .018p, .028w, .038w, .048w, .058w

Asher Electro Hawaiian Lap Steel Strings are Nickel Round Wound, medium gauge strings for 6-string electric lap steel guitar (.015p .018p .028w .038w .048w .058w).

See below for recommended tunings for this set. Ideal for use on 23" to 25" scale length instruments and can be used with various tunings such as:

  • Open E: E, B, G#, B, E
  • Open D: D, A, D, F#, A, D
  • Open G (Dobro): G, B, D, G, B, D
  • G6 (Hawaiian) : G, B, E, G, B, D

Whether its blues, Hawaiian or Dobro, these strings will suit your needs.

C6 (Hawaiian): E, C, A, G, E, C (tune 6th note to C# for A7th, Bb for C7)

C6 Lap Steel: .015p .017p .022p .026w .030w .036w   

A specially gauged set for 6 string C6th Lap Steel guitar players (as recommended by Dewitt Scotty Scott). Supplied in either Nickel or Bronze Ball end.

Hanks House of Steel
(Lots of cool things for steel guitar players)


String Gauge Chart

Maroon = Standard Guitar | Pine Green = C6th Lap Steel | Midnight Blue = Tuning Overlap

Pitch Gauge Range Description of String
A .009 to .011  
G#/Ab .010 to .011  
G .011 to .012  
F#/Gb .012 to .013  
F .013 to .015  
E .013 to .015 C6th 1st String; Standard Guitar High E
D#/Eb .014 to .016  
D .015 to .017  
C#/Db .016 to .018  
C .016 to .018 C6th 2nd String, Middle C
B .017 to .019 Standard Guitar B String
Bb/A# .018 to .020  
A .020* to .022* C6th 3rd String
G#/Ab .024* to .026*  
G .024* to .026* C6th 4th String; Standard Guitar G String
F#/Gb .024w to .026w  
F .026w to .030w  
E .028w to .032w C6th 5th String
D#/Eb .028w to .032w  
D .032w to .036w Standard Guitar D String
C#/Db .034w to .038w  
C .034w to .038w C6th 6th String
B .034w to .038w  
Bb/A# .034w to .038w  
A .040w to .044w Standard Guitar A String
G#/Ab .042w to .046w  
G .044w to .048w  
F#/Gb .048w to .052w  
F .052w to .056w  
E .054w to .058w C6th 6th String; Standard Guitar Low E
D#/Eb .056w to .060w  
D .060w to .064w  
C#/Db .060w to .068w  
C .064w to .068w  
B .064w to .068w  
Bb/A# .068w to .072w  
A .068w to .072w  

* Either wound or plain strings can be used. I like wound

Example String Gauges for Common Tunings
C6th A6th E7th C6th C13th
E .014 E .014 E .014 G .012 E .014
C .017 C# .017 B .018 E .014 C .017
A .021 A .021 G# .024w C .017 A .021
G .024w F# .026w E .030w A .021 G .024w
E .030w E .030w D .034w G .024w E .030w
C .036w C# .036w B .038w E .030w C .036w
    A .042w G# .046w C .036w Bb .042w
    F# .052w E .056w A .042w C .068w

Elderly Instruments Gear & Accessories

Children's .018" Mini Dunlop finger picks available. Also brass finger picks, my favorite!)